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Utopia Falls is a Hulu original television series that will premiere on February 14, 2020.


Official synopsis for Utopia Falls from Hulu press release:

Hundreds of years in the future, in the last living colony on earth, a city called New Babyl, twenty-four teenage candidates are chosen to take part in an annual musical competition known as The Exemplar. For all of them it’s a chance to write their names in the history books, but for Aliyah, the independent and adventurous daughter to a city government official, it’s the beginning of an incredible adventure. Through the discovery of a mysterious archive, she is exposed to hip-hop, an ancient form of music culture, which will lead her to question everything she has ever known and change her world forever.
The journey to unravel that mystery will play out over the course of the first season while our candidates prepare and participate in The Exemplar competition. Channeling the rebellious spirit of Hip-hop, Aliyah and her friends face off against the government for the freedom of the people in a finale that will rock the very foundation of their society, changing all of their lives forever.
Utopia Falls is the first ever Sci-Fi Hip-hop television series, created by R.T. THORNE (Blindspot, Find me in Paris). It is prestige television for a new generation of young audiences who are culturally diverse, socially and politically minded, and are motivated to see themselves and their issues represented on screen.

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# Title First aired
1 The World Is Yours February 14, 2020
2 Can I Kick It February 14, 2020
3 99 Problems February 14, 2020
4 Run This Town February 14, 2020
5 Lose Control February 14, 2020
6 Hate Me Now February 14, 2020
7 Lost Ones February 14, 2020
8 The Light February 14, 2020
9 Worst Behaviour February 14, 2020
10 If I Ruled the World February 14, 2020


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