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Brooklyn is a character in the Hulu television series Utopia Falls. She is portrayed by Humberly González.


tall female with straight dark brown hair and black eyes. Sometimes has braids in her hair with accessories in her hair.

Sage is her girlfriend/romantic interest.[]


She is a strong female character who is the opposite of her girlfriend Sage. She is cocky, confident, sassy and a rule breaker. She always felt there was something missing and when she learned about the archive she just grew tremendously. She always stands up for those close to her. She always what’s to have a great time and is known as the life of the party


Plot summary[]

she was born in industry sector and she was one of the 24 teens chosen for the explorar. She came late for the first day. She fell in love with sage and started to talk to her. After Aliyah and bodhi discovered the archive then they showed it to the rest of the gang and Brooklyn got inspiration from the archives fashion and decided to incorporate the ideas into the outfits that they wore for their group contest and they won the first place.Then Sage and Brooklyn after the events with bodhi being locked up.


"You can trust me Sage, I'm not going to let anything happen to your dreams, especially since I'm in them every night."

”goodbye, sweet sage”



Brooklyn appears in the following episodes:

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